In 2019, we established a foundation that incorporates the work of eminent artists in the field, investors, lay persons, and even dedicated parents to support the artistic endeavours of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute. The founder, Mária Aradi, is an internationally recognised ballet dancer. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Annamária Steiner-Isky.

The following aims to provide detailed information on our mission and to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the interest of supporting the development of both the Institute and its pupils.

As regards its organisation, the Foundation is an independent entity; however, it is organically connected to the National Ballet Institute, operated under the aegis of the Hungarian State Opera on the basis of the artistic concept of Tamás Solymosi.

Our Mission

Our mission is first and foremost to support the Hungarian National Ballet Institute’s professional and teaching activities, both in Hungary and abroad. The Foundation has set the goal of developing the artistic concept for and creating and promoting the material and personal conditions of the basic artistic education that reflects the unique spirit and methodology of the Hungarian National Ballet Institute, led by Tamás Solymosi, eminent and internationally renowned dancer. The Foundation aims to contribute to promoting the popularity of teaching a new generation of Hungarian ballet dancers, to provide financial support for the creation of new productions, to support the roles of students in theatrical productions, and to provide assistance in creating a “junior company”. Furthermore, the Foundation also aims to promote international cooperation with other corps de ballet, including advocating the activities of foreign masters in Hungary and creating and operating a patronage system. The Foundation intends to support the education-related activities of the Institute’s ballet masters and to use scholarships to support the education of worthy and needy students.

Many people believe that the Foundation’s role as a patron has imagination and they support its professional, diplomatic, financial, and artistic (in its widest sense) ideas, laid down by the founder and the Board of Trustees.

In recent years, the Foundation’s work has been supported by patrons devoted to the arts, which funds are used to finance a number of forms of education, including educational scholarships and participating in competitions.

We are grateful for donations and recommendations. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are especially happy to receive recommendations from parents, as ballet is a form of life for the entire family.

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