The Hungarian State Opera and the Hungarian National Ballet re-established the Hungarian National Ballet Institute in September of 2016. The Institute is available for children between the ages of 4 and 14. Interest exceeded expectations even at the first admissions, and the enthusiasm of applicants and pupils has remained unbroken ever since. The first season started with 76 people and currently 140 children attend the Institute. Our students are given a professional education, with two one-hour classes for the youngest and close to 25 hours for the eldest.

Students learn classical ballet using the Vaganova method. They also study modern dance, step dance, folk dance, and character dance, and they also have RG classes. Students are currently divided into 10 groups, with the smallest being kindergarten children and the eldest 14-18 year olds.

Our teachers are excellent masters, with most former Hungarian National Ballet dancers. The school’s Artistic Director is Radina Dace.

Vision and mission

The aim of the school is to expand the repertoire; to garner love for ballet among its students; to provide a professional education under high quality conditions; to raise the next generation; to regain the recognition of the profession; and to educate an audience that appreciates the genre.

The biggest challenge for the Institute is always the production of The Nutcracker, staged on 30 occasions during a period of 5 weeks, featuring 53 children in each performance. In addition, our ballet students also perform in a number of productions staged by the Hungarian State Opera and in the Institute’s own galas.

The preeminent pupils regularly participate in international competitions (e.g. Tanzolymp, VIBE), where they have already achieved excellent results in previous years.