Ruip Katica was awarded 1st place in the category Classical / Neoclassical Dance at the TANZOLYMP International Dance Festival held in Berlin on 14-18 February 2019. (She participated in the competition with Lisa’s solo from La fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter) and a variation of Flames of Paris; her ballet master was Radina Dace.) Based on her performance, she was given the opportunity to debut at a 2019 gala held at the Theater des Westens and was also awarded a one-week scholarship to attend a masterclass at the Zurich Dance Academy in Switzerland.


April 2019 marked the second occasion our students were given the opportunity to participate in the VIBE Vienna International Ballet Experience, where they achieved the following results:

Réka Zsófia Pákozdi won 1st place in the junior 1 category in classical ballet (with a variation from the ballet Paquita, taught by ballet master Radina Dace)

Málna Csató, Cecília Porkoláb, Mia Sutherland, and Anna Stepanian won 2nd place in the junior 1 category in contemporary group dance (with a performance of Ends by Adrienn Vetési, taught by the choreographer and ballet master herself)

The youngest age group also performed well: in the preparatory/beginner’s group, Julianna Pollák and Lukács Márton Kiss were awarded 2nd place in the ballet mini duo category (with a choreography of Little Red Riding Hood from ballet The Sleeping Beauty, taught by ballet master Eszter Kiss)

The jury gave a special award to Lili Pásztor called “Talent of the Future” (for a performance of the women’s variation from Paquita, taught by Radina Dace, and for a choreography by Adrienn Vetési danced to Celine Dion’s Ave Maria)